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    Every Saturday is a Benchmark workout. One of the girls, Heros or max effort lift.

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June 26, 2007


Lisa Kozian

ummmm okay...the "than" should be "then" it is driving me nuts looking at that typo being an English teacher and all... :o)


Ms. Kozian, your testimonial deserves an A+.


Damn, Lisa! A PR pro couldn't have written this any better or made it any more compelling. ; )

It's easy to forget what we have at HFU is special... I appreciate the eloquent reminder.

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    Personal training offers individualized coaching. People often have special goals - marathon training, running technique improvement, Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebell training, special programming (weight gain/weight loss) and more. Personal training gives people the special attention they need and the option to train specifically.

    HyperFit USA's daily workout is based on CrossFit principles of constantly varied functional exercises, executed at high intensity. HyperFit USA is a licensed CrossFit Affiliate and is authorized to teach the CrossFit Method. The WOD includes a dynamic warm up, skill set, WOD and strength or skill development then a warm down. It is a complete workout.

    Olympic Weightlifting is peerless in developing speed and power. O-Lifting classes develop the skills needed to be successful at weightlifting. A strong O-Lifting program is the cornerstone of a successful strength and conditioning program.